Virtual Reality Lab 2

Project Outcomes

Theme: PTSD and trauma
Game: Interact with 'Ultraman' by using voice commands and convince him not to commit a tragic act of self-destruction.  Using Rush's song 'The Pass' as a starting point.


In this lab I wanted to create assets that I could embed into a games engine and push my understanding of advanced design even further.  To do this, I shadowed a developer and took notes on how to make a project using unity.  I created audio assets for the voice over of the robot we built and the landscape we created, as well as giving ideas on the type of experience we made.  

Again, the project facilitated collaborative work between artists from different disciplines.  

As the project manager, my role on this lab was to manage our team's objective, which was to create a prototype for a VR experience over a period of three days.  The biggest obstacle to overcome was working out the story.  Although we had a broad palette to choose from the book, this proved to be counter-productive until we eliminated the weakest ideas.  This was achieved by honest discussions between the team and feedback from other teams in the lab.


The biggest lesson from this lab was the importance of staging the VR experience before actually beginning any work.  This is something I intend to use in my own practice in when making VR.