Plastic Fightback

An interactive VR film that teaches children the damage that plastic has on the environment.   

A gamified experience developed for Oculus Go.  


As a prominent issue surrounding the use of plastic and damage to the environment, I was invited to create an interactive VR film that would educate school children about the long term dangers of plastic pollution and create a piece of work that would encourage them to use less plastic or clean plastic up.


Figure 1 - working with dance artists to choreograph the performance before filming begins

Design Approach

As the requirement was to make a film that allows users to select options and thus create a gamified experience, I planned the shots out to be filmed but I also drew some charts and decision trees to allow me to plan the interactivity.  

Figure 2/3 - a sample of pseudo-code similar to the one I used for this project

Video Overview


In order to deliver this project to the end-user, I had to deploy an app that would be useable on Oculus Go.  Therefore, when developing the project, I went through a series of online tutorials, help files, and community forums', in order to acquire information that was key for deployment.  

Optimization for Oculus Go.jpg

Figure 4 - using the Oculus Go controller prefab for the camera

Project Delivery

One of the key methods to deliver this project was ensuring that the end user could access the content remotely.  In order to to achieve this I made the app as a consumable for the Oculus store, thus allowing the organisation to download and play the experience.  This also facilitated testing, feedback, and iteration for final use.  

Developer Portal.jpg