Mill Girls & Militants - VR Dance

  • Commissioned to make a virtual reality experience and education package.

  • Employed to run VR workshops during the 'Big-Up North Festival' - teaching dance practitioners how immersive tech can be used to choreograph and learn.

  • My role: VR Director, Cinematographer and Editor.

  • '158 children experienced the story through Virtual Reality'


Over 100 years ago, mill-girls, pit brow workers, weavers and laundresses of Lancashire joined the fight for women’s suffrage, just a stone’s throw from the start of the women’s suffrage movement in Manchester. Some rallied support in village halls and demonstrated at town halls, while others went to London to join marches and demonstrations.

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Project Info

This project utilized 360 video, which was designed for use on VR headsets to demonstrate the public Mill Girls and Militants performance at The Harris Museum in Preston 2018.  3 dance groups from across Lancashire learned about local suffragettes and suffragists; the learning culminated in a performance and this film is now being used as an educational resource in schools and community settings.  More info here

Post Project

Since completing the project, I have been employed by Ludus Dance to run VR workshops and teach other people how immersive technology can be used to discover dance; follow choreography and be immersed in a space whilst watching a performance.  The images and videos below are from the Big-Up North Festival: