Virtual Reality Lab 1

Project Outcomes
  • Collectively developed a prototype for a social realist VR game. 

As a film graduate from MMU, and someone who specializes in VR, I was invited to attend a 5 day workshop @innospace, led by filmmaker Mark Ashmore from Future Artists.  This was in order to:


  • Showcase my virtual reality film 'Firehouse'

  • Attend talks from key virtual reality sector leaders, including the VRTK (virtual reality tool kit) developer Harvey Ball

  • Lead a team of artists to design, produce, and complete a VR experience

  • Give feedback on the lab and make recommendations for future workshops


After I had showcased my film and completed the workshops, we formulated teams based on experience and skillset.  The team I was in consisted of myself as filmmaker, a visual artist and a VR developer. 

The project facilitated collaborative work between artists from different disciplines, including: film; graphic design; game developers; textiles; sound engineers; project managers and musicians.

My role on this lab was to project manage our team's objective, which was to create a prototype for a VR experience over a period of three days. There were many obstacles to overcome, mainly due to the fact that we only had a short period of time. However, we managed to overcome these challenges by carefully planning our time and sticking to a robust schedule and thus producing a VR prototype in time. This was a great learning experience, as I got to use games engine tools and gathered a lot of new techniques for the creation of VR. Also, as project manager, I had the fortunate opportunity to understand how a production pipeline can be implemented to keep people from various backgrounds on track.