Emergency Room Training - Liverpool Royal

Project Outcomes
  • Create training videos for the next generation of medical students

  • Work outputs were broadcast on BBC Live page

The aim of this project was to make training videos for emergency room scenarios, in a 360 video format.
Hired as cinematographers by verityspace.com, I was asked to use my VR filmmaking skills and capture the staged sets.  This was an interesting project to work on and there were many challenges, such as: capturing the footage, by controlling multiple cameras/phones, and ensuring spare batteries were charged and taking ad-hoc shooting instructions.

Working on the project taught me the value of clear communication between team members on a VR set.  This differs significantly from a standard film set, as the procedures have to be tailor made for this environment; the principles of shooting are more challenging.  I believe the next stage of the project is to roll the short films out, as training exercises, for students at Liverpool Royal Hospital.  More information will be added when the videos are published.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.