'Firehouse' - An Immersive Experience

Project Outcomes


London Road Fire Station was the guardian of Manchester City for over 80 years.  Explore the once thriving home community, dedicated to protecting the city.

Director's Statement

The opportunity to film at London Road Fire Station excited me because it was an opportunity to take an audience back in time and revisit memories of '...the finest firestation in this round world...'  Working with the NWFA, GMFS and former residents, I was able to use arcive film, photographs and audio interviews, to construct an experience that tells the stories of former workers and the community at the fire station.


As of writing, the experience has been exhibited on three occasions: at The Holden Gallery, Manchester Science Festival and Manchester Histories Festival.  The expiernece is not currently available for download,  

Future generations will have access to this amazing piece of social history and I feel immensely proud of this fact.  I felt inspired to hear the amazing tales of former residents and workers.

Development Outcomes
  • Mastered 360 video filming and editing process

  • Expert at using archive material to incorporate into my work

  • Developed techniques to investigate social history and research methods, bringing social philosopy into my practice

  • VR cinematography and best practice shooting techniques for high quality video

Special thanks to Jenny Walker for inviting me to produce work for the wider LRFS programme and for project managing the production of this work.  Also thanks to Bob Bonner at the GMFS Museum, for his infectious enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge.    

And thanks to the team at the NWFA for all their support and access to archive film.

Producer Conner Wiley
Sound Recordist Jonny Bradshaw
Composition by Marcin Maślanka
Interviews by Jenny Walker & Harriet-Shooter Redfern 

Key Interviewees
Bob Banner historian & curator GMFS Museum
Phillip Taylor former fireman and training instructor
& The Hiltons